How to Earn Money in 2024 Without Putting Your Face Forward on OnlyFans

Do you want to earn money on OnlyFans but don’t want your loved ones to know?

You may want to consider making a profile pictureless. Can you, however, earn money on OnlyFans without revealing your identity? Indeed, you can, and a plethora of anonymous creators are doing just that. You’ll discover how to create an anonymous OnlyFans page, scale it swiftly to generate thousands of dollars each month, and position yourself for long-term (and anonymous) success.

On OnlyFans, is anonymity permitted?

Is it mandatory to reveal your identity on OnlyFans? If you don’t want to, then no.

Nothing on your profile, not even your profile photo, requires you to display your face in content or anyplace else.

Upon first sign-up, OnlyFans requires you to upload a selfie and an image of your ID. However, these pictures are just being used for confirmation. They remain with OnlyFans in their private database and are never made public.

Does displaying your face prevent you from earning money on OnlyFans?

Establishing an anonymous OnlyFans has its own set of difficulties.

At start, you should anticipate facing greater challenges than the typical inventor. However, you can earn a fortune from OnlyFans without ever disclosing your identify or face if you play your cards well.

The key to successfully running a faceless OnlyFans and generating good revenue is twofold:

  1. Making up for the absence of your face in your material by finding creative methods to market yourself and develop an engaging online persona. Success and growth on OnlyFans depend on having a distinct identity.
  2. Selecting markets and creating material that is less negatively impacted by the absence of a face. Foot photos, for instance.
    You may compete with the top players in the game by concentrating on these two things. Both will be covered in detail later on.

However, first you’ll learn how to create an anonymous OnlyFans account and, more crucially, how to maintain your anonymity overtime on OnlyFans. You might make mistakes in life without even recognizing it.

Ways to initiate an OnlyFans without revealing your identity

There are a few things you should do in order to maximize the benefits of an anonymous OnlyFans account. You need to be aware of the risks and take some precautions to make sure that your identity is not mistakenly compromised.

Cover up your tattoos and scars.

When preparing for a photo shoot and applying makeup, make sure your body is clear of noticeable scars, tattoos, or other blemishes.

If you leave your tattoos visible, they can be a dead giveaway of who you are because they’re usually distinctive and simple to remember.

Pick your backgrounds wisely.

When taking pictures outside, exercise caution. Avoid filming at well-known local areas. You can inadvertently give away your whereabouts to an inquisitive fan.

Indoor shooting is more secure. A separate room or studio where you could alter the background and objects for each image would be the perfect setting for production and photography.

Not only will this keep people from recognizing you, but it will also improve the quality of the content on your timeline.

In any case, pay attention to the backgrounds you select for your work. Look for anything that could provide you with a location or identification.

Use geoblocking to keep your identity private.

If you’re worried that someone you know could discover your OnlyFans, you can use geoblocking. This feature stops users from certain countries from seeing your profile.

By adding your own country to this block list, you could prevent anyone in your vicinity from discovering you on OnlyFans.

Geoblocking is a helpful technique, but it should only be used as a last resort due to its expense. Furthermore, because of where you live, you might be discouraging others from viewing your page.

For example, you would lose almost half of your potential audience if you blocked the United States. There is a trade-off between traffic and privacy if you are from one of the top-ranked nations.

Take your photographs’ information off.

By default, smartphones capture and store image metadata. Regretfully, one could be able to pinpoint the actual location of a photograph by using the metadata that is associated with it.

There is minimal likelihood that this will happen to your content because the majority of people are not aware of it.

Still, disable location access for the camera app on your smartphone to be sure online strangers can’t find out where you live. That should stop it from adding location information to the metadata of any other footage you record in the future.

If the footage you’ve already shot has metadata, you can either use an app to get rid of it or, if you’re handy with technology, you can get rid of it yourself.

However, you usually don’t have to worry about it because OnlyFans and many other apps already do this. However, if you’re providing content to a fan via a zip file or another more direct method, don’t forget about it.

Maintain the security of your financial documents.

Your bank statements and tax returns are particularly included in our definition of financial papers.

The funds that you take out of OnlyFans will be shown on your bank statements. Since OnlyFans sends money under the name of their parent firm, “Fenix International Ltd,” it won’t be too clear that they sent it.

However, a person who is aware of the connection between the two will have no trouble making the connection.

OnlyFans will also give you a 1099 NEC at the end of the year if you live in the US and have made more than $600 on the platform. If you have someone else to file your taxes, bear this in mind.

In case you were wondering, the money you receive from OnlyFans is subject to taxes.

How to succeed on OnlyFans without revealing your identity

For faceless producers, creating a personal brand is the biggest challenge. Your “brand,” or the first thing that people think of when they hear your name, is extremely crucial as a creative.

Your material is seen as having greater value, the more valuable your image is. And you can certainly understand why it’s harder to establish an online persona when you hide your face.

Without revealing your identity, earning money on OnlyFans demands astute work and astute tactics.

Utilize the tactics listed below to:

Draw in a crowd
Increase your revenue by monetizing your content.
And create lucrative no-face OnlyFans.

Pick a memorable stage name.

It may seem uncomplicated, but it holds greater significance than you may realize. As previously indicated, developing a compelling online presence is essential to operating a faceless OnlyFans successfully, and your stage name plays a role in this.

Consider your brand and how you want to be seen online before you begin.

Your performance moniker ought to:

  • Be memorable
  • Make an impression.
  • Naturally roll off the tongue
  • Keep your nicknames away from being too similar to your real name; instead, be true to your niche and substance.

Keep in mind that you’ll be using this stage name on social media, so choose something appropriate rather than something that could get you banned on sites like Instagram and TikTok.

Focus on particular niches

You ought to have a key niche in mind when you first start off.

But it also makes sense, as an anonymous creator, to dabble and experiment on the side with smaller, more focused niches.

These are usually fetish niches, and you ought to look into them for the following two reasons:

  • Although fetish-focused niches don’t appeal to a wide audience and won’t attract mainstream audiences, they also typically don’t have many well-established artists, making it easier to get into and expand into the market at first.
  • Feet are the most well-known example of a body component that is the subject of many fetishes. The feminine midsection, which many men fetishize, is another example. Naturally, content that features particular body parts rather than the face is most suited for faceless artists.

Try out some SFW niches.

More often than you might imagine, as an OnlyFans no face creator, you’ll find yourself short on ideas for material. When you’re creating content, you can refer to our extensive collection of the greatest OnlyFans content ideas.

However, think about going outside the box and adding some SFW content to your portfolio in addition to utilizing these standard themes. There’s a lot to discover about travel, gaming, fitness, music, and travel.

Your timeline will be more varied and your NSFW stuff will have more value when you include SFW content.

Sell pictures of feet

If you’re doing OnlyFans without face, one of your most obvious possibilities is to sell pictures of your feet. Done correctly, it’s straightforward, simple to execute, and profitable.

On OnlyFans, there is a sizable demand for stuff about feet. Selling just pictures of your feet can bring in a fortune.

If you’re interested in making money from foot fetish content, read our detailed guide on selling pictures of your feet on OnlyFans.

Make a character or avatar to stand in for you.

Working on OnlyFans has taught you a lot about the value of having a brand or identity and how having no face interferes with that.

Having an avatar or character to represent you is one way to (partially) make up for the absence of your face in your material.

This character or avatar will be your social networking profile picture.

Put on a mask.

Put on a mask in place of cropping, altering, or blurring your face in your content. By doing this, you’ll be able to maintain your anonymity without having your pictures seem to be lacking something.

Additionally, you have the option to hide your face completely in your ordinary material and just reveal your mask in premium and customized content. As a result, people would value your exclusive content more and you might charge more for it.

How can I use OnlyFans anonymously, then? Simple: operate an OnlyFans mask.

Instead of selling videos, sell audio

On OnlyFans, audio recordings are a huge seller. If you want even more privacy, you can use a voice changer, although even with one, it’s nearly difficult to be recognized online by your voice alone.

Additionally, you can record original messages and cameos for your fans—a feature that is frequently included in tip options.

Engage your audience in conversation.

Engage your audience on a regular basis so they will perceive you as more than just the stuff you share.

  • In the subtitles of your posts, pose queries: Inquiries are excellent caption starters because they spark conversation, which increases the amount of engagement on your post.
  • Engage in dialogue on other forums or in the comments section of your postings.
  • Spend time online where your target audience frequents: It conveys to them the idea that you’re “around” to interact and converse. Reddit and Discord are excellent resources for this.
  • Make use of the same terminology as your audience: Not language in the English sense, but in the manner they use acronyms, comedy, and texting style. Researching your audience is beneficial since it will make them like you more.
  • Interact with your subscribers via direct messages: One-on-one chats are quite unique and will encourage your subscribers to return each month.

Make contacts and work together with other artists.

It’s usually a good idea to get ideas and inspiration from the work of other creators in your industry.

Make a connection with them by contacting them on social media. Just by being well-known in the creative community, you might discover a wealth of growth prospects.

Gaining a cooperation or shoutout will help you quickly overcome the majority of the initial work needed to build your profile on OnlyFans.

Spread the word about your OnlyFans

Self-promotion is the secret to success on OnlyFans.

The truth is that you can’t just set up your account, post some material, and then sit back and wait for potential subscribers to find you. You would be let down after an arduous wait.

How to discreetly promote your OnlyFans

This is the answer if you’ve been wondering how to gain followers on OnlyFans without revealing your identity.These are the two actions that need to be taken.

Use Reddit to promote your OnlyFans

The first is to become knowledgeable about promoting your OnlyFans on Reddit, and as soon as your page is operational, you should begin promoting yourself.

Get traffic from Reddit, and you’ll steadily increase the number of your subscribers. The better the outcomes, the more vigorously you market yourself. However, you can’t merely publish stuff for the sake of spamming Redditors, as they don’t enjoy it.

When Redditors are most active and your post is most likely to receive the most attention, you must publish wisely during such times.

However, you definitely didn’t plan to get up for a few minutes at 4 a.m. only to post anything on social media.

With just a few clicks, you can use Social Rise to automate your Reddit promotion and schedule posts to be submitted at the optimal times. To save valuable time and get better results, give it a try for free right now!

Make more social media profiles.

To be honest, most authors find that self-promotion on Reddit suffices. Using more social media is not necessary. mostly because—aside from Twitter—you won’t be able to utilize them to openly promote yourself by publishing explicit stuff. We would immediately ban you.

However, having a social media presence will pay off in the long run since, as a faceless artist, creating an identity for yourself is much more crucial.

Create fresh social media profiles for your OnlyFans page and connect everything as much as you can. Simplify things by utilizing Linktree.

FAQs regarding how to monetize OnlyFans without displaying your face

Can you perform OnlyFans without revealing your identity?
Indeed, you can. There isn’t a rule in the OnlyFans TOS that prevents you from managing a no face account.

It’s quite another story, though, whether or not you can succeed and earn money with a no-face account. Ultimately, it all comes down to how successfully you can position yourself in the market by identifying the right niches and creating an engaging online presence.

Is it possible to be anonymous on OnlyFans?

You are under no obligation to disclose your name to the public; you are free to operate an anonymous OnlyFans for as long as you like. But, you do need to take care so that it doesn’t spill by accident.


  • Traffic from your own nation might be geoblocked.
  • Get rid of the metadata in your pictures and videos.
  • Examine the backgrounds of your photos carefully.
  • Cover up your tattoos and scars.
  • Safeguard your financial records.

The long-term secret to remaining anonymous on OnlyFans is to take proactive steps like these.

Where can I anonymously promote OnlyFans?
It’s difficult to figure out how to advertise OnlyFans on popular social media platforms without making a face because you won’t get much attention.

Reddit is the one exception, though.

On Reddit, promoting your OnlyFans is rather simple, and unlike most other social media sites, it isn’t as dependent on your face being seen.

All you have to do is create engaging content for your intended audience and share it on the subreddits where they frequent. They will view your profile and click on a link to visit your OnlyFans page if they enjoy what they see.


How much money are you able to make on OnlyFans without disclosing who you are?

Although hiding your face can hinder your progress, it doesn’t stop it. You can make the same amount of money as artists who reveal their faces.

This can be in the 4- or even 5-figure range, as the essay’s example illustrates.

In conclusion: How to monetize OnlyFans without revealing your identity

You discovered how to generate money on OnlyFans without revealing your identity by reading this article. To summarize everything,

  • Is anonymity possible for OnlyFans? Indeed. If it makes you uncomfortable, you are under no need to identify yourself or display your face to your audience. On the platform, there are a lot of creators that are OnlyFans without faces.
  • Does displaying your face prevent you from earning money on OnlyFans? Yes, but it requires effort. You must pick the appropriate topics, make a captivating profile, interact with your audience, and aggressively market yourself.
  • How to succeed in secret on OnlyFans: Ideally, concentrate on content that highlights particular body regions or is based around a specialization. In this manner, the lack of your face in your content won’t be as noticeable.
  • Examine well-liked OnlyFans concepts without revealing your identity. Try your hand at audio recordings, SFW content, and photos of feet.
  • How can I advertise a faceless, anonymous OnlyFans account? Use Social Rise to promote yourself on Reddit. Setting it up only takes a few minutes, and it will help you grow significantly on OnlyFans.


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