How to make money as a teenager online

You may be surprised to learn that there are numerous methods for teenagers to work from home and earn money. Teenagers can make a lot of money online thanks to the internet. Even though there are situations where you have to pay money in order to generate money, there are low-cost or no-cost options for teens to make money online.

Take a look at these 24 options for kids to earn money online if they want to start earning money on a regular basis.

How much money are teenagers able to make online?

The amount of money that may be made online is virtually endless. Teens will finally be able to generate more money if they put in more time and effort into their online money-making channel.

Additionally, teens have the option to work many online jobs. They are able to generate more money as a result of this revenue diversification.

What age is required for teenagers to begin earning money online?

Most official online jobs need you to be at least eighteen. Teens can make money online without working a full-time or part-time online job, though. Regardless of age, teens can make money online in a variety of ways. To be sure they are qualified to begin earning, have them carefully review the terms and conditions of any company they sign up with. It’s important to investigate any age restrictions that some may have.

Advice for young people wishing to earn money online

Before venturing into the realm of online money-making, teenagers should think about how to be safe online, prevent scams, and a few other important recommendations, like:

  • Ensure parents are informed: There are a lot of internet money-making options that call for parental assistance. When starting an online business, teens might require parental assistance. It also helps to keep parents updated on any advances.
  • Be wary of con artists: Online frauds are common, even if there are many of ways to earn money. Advise children to be wary of any opportunity that appears too good to be true or demands payment up front. Before taking a job, they should consult with a parent or other responsible adult before making any decisions.
  • Take precautions when using the internet: Kids should research strategies to keep secure online as businesses or entrepreneurs, even if most of them already know the fundamentals of protecting personal information when doing business online. Think about creating a different email address, staying away from malware, and sharing information with reliable sources only when required.
  • Use employment from home to get ready for their profession: Think about how their concept can assist them in acquiring skills that will be useful in the future as they begin searching for internet ways to generate money. Their internet money project has the potential to boost their work success or serve as a fantastic addition to their resume.
  • Get your parents to assist you set up a bank account or PayPal: They will require a location to handle the financial aspects of their company. In order to facilitate payments, parents might think about setting up a PayPal account (which they will require you to open and maintain as you have to be 18 to open one). They should also assist children in opening their own bank account so they can begin learning about money management.
  • Take into account any tax obligations: Even if they are under 18, minors will still need to pay taxes because the majority of them haven’t yet paid taxes on their income. They must disclose their earnings to the IRS, so make sure they’re ready for tax season and making all necessary tax payments.

Teenagers can earn money online in 24 ways.

Teens may earn money online in a variety of fantastic ways, regardless of their age. Let’s look at a few of the modern jobs that teens can do to support themselves.

  1. Launch a YouTube vlog:
    Vlogs are extremely popular and have the potential to provide youngsters a respectable living. Nevertheless, using this strategy to grow your audience and begin making money can take some time.

Though there are many other sites available, YouTube is among the finest for teenagers to use. You may easily get started by following one of the many excellent in-depth guides available. All teenagers have to do is decide what they want to vlog about and begin filming. Teens can create vlogs about almost anything, so be sure they pick a topic they are enthusiastic about.

The amount of money that YouTube stars make is determined by how many people like and subscribe to their videos.

  1. Use Twitch or YouTube to stream video games:
    Why not have your adolescent start a streaming business and start making money from their love of video games? An audience can watch people stream their gaming sessions on websites like Twitch and YouTube. They will make more money the more people follow, subscribe, and engage with them. Anyone can broadcast any game, and doing so gives them the chance to rise to prominence in the gaming community.
  2. Provide their digital expertise as a service via PeoplePerHour, Fiverr, and Upwork:
    Your adolescent can make money online by offering their digital talents as a service if they have them. It’s possible that they have experience with site design or that they can write excellent copy for companies. Your child may be able to make a solid living from these kinds of skills, and if they build up a strong portfolio, they may be able to move into full-time freelance work.
    People can use a variety of platforms for this, such as PeoplePerHour, Upwork, and Fiverr. Before they sign up, make sure they read the terms and conditions of each platform.
  3. Use social media platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook:
    These days, businesses mainly rely on social media to interact with and promote to their audience. The issue is that social media platform maintenance requires a significant amount of time and work. Many companies contract out their social media needs. Adolescents have the opportunity to make money by running local businesses’ social media accounts. Seek out independent work managing social media accounts or get in touch with companies to inquire about possible platform assistance. For individuals with a lot of social media experience, this may be a lucrative side gig.
  4. Take up influencer work on Tik Tok and Instagram:
    With social media, influencers may make a significant income, and with the correct skills, your kid has the potential to become one. To be considered an influencer, they will have to amass a sizable fan base. Posting material that people enjoy and desire to follow is necessary for this. Urge your adolescent to consider the kind of influencer they would like to work with, such as a travel or beauty influencer. After that, they can get to work cultivating a fan base on the platform of their choice.
    Brands are willing to spend to advertise their products if they have an audience. The amount of money teenagers can make from these ads will depend on how well-known they get.
  5. Finish the YouGov and Swagbucks online surveys:
    Although kids won’t make a lot of money with this option, it is still worthwhile to highlight due to how simple and quick it is to get started. Teens can complete surveys online for money on a number of different websites. YouGov and Swagbucks are two of the better possibilities. Using this strategy will take some time to accumulate extra income, and they will need to determine the minimum amount they must earn in order to take their money out.
  6. Develop and market an app:
    App development is one area your adolescent should concentrate on if they want to make a lot of money online. Your adolescent may become quite wealthy if they can develop and market an app. They don’t necessary need coding experience, although it helps. It is possible to create an app without any prior programming experience. One of the best and most profitable online income opportunities for teenagers is this one.
  7. Zoom and Skype tutoring:
    Does your adolescent possess any abilities or talents that they could impart to others? The popularity of online tutoring is growing, and it’s not too hard to get started. All they’ll need is access to video software, like Zoom or Skype. Encourage them to consider their areas of passion and begin there, as there are a plethora of online courses available.
  8. Slicing the Pie song review:
    For teenagers who enjoy music, reviewing songs for a living could be one of the greatest ways for them to make money online. Look into websites like that compensate users to review music from various artists, ads, and other content. Reviews can be paid for by teenagers as young as 13, and your money will gradually increase based on the calibre of your reviews.
  1. Use their phone to snap images in exchange for cash (
    Excellent images are essential for businesses to showcase their goods and expand. Your adolescent’s next source of revenue may be a roll of amazing photos from their camera. With the help of, teenagers can create an online portfolio from which brands and businesses can select photos for a fee. Under-18-year-olds looking at online income opportunities must get parental approval before opening a Foap account.
  1. Make money online with marketplaces like Facebook, Amazon, eBay, and Decluttr:
    If you’re wondering how to make money online under 18, selling things online and becoming an entrepreneur are great options for children who are 13 years old and older. Your teen can make goods to market by using their artistic and crafty abilities. Kids who are frugal can learn about the world of internet commerce by selling their old stuff on eBay, decluttr, or other marketplaces like Facebook Marketplace, Amazon Marketplace, or Amazon Marketplace. If they are truly interested in selling, teenagers can start their own internet company.
  1. Data input via FlexJobs:
    Teens eighteen years of age and older could find wonderful first jobs in data entry. Work involving data entry is comparatively simple and requires little initial setup. Your recent high school graduate can begin working with respectable organisations like FlexJobs if they have correct typing abilities and an internet connection.
  2. Examine phone conversations for humanistic quality control:
    Your youngster, if they are 17 years old or older, can work online as a compensated call eavesdropper and customer service quality survey taker. One of the businesses that handles customer care behind the scenes is Humanatic, and they will pay teenagers to review calls and provide frank feedback.
  1. A customer support representative:
    Your adolescent can start working as a customer care representative and get paid on a regular basis after they turn 16 years old. Customer service positions can be an educational entrée into the industry, providing vital employment skills, even though the salary may start as low as the minimum wage.
  2. Proofread Anywhere, an online tool:
    By working as an online proofreader, your teen can proofread anything, anywhere. Your aspiring writers can hone their grammar abilities and gain practical experience in the industry. The majority of job platforms for proofreading require teens to be 18 years old or older.
  1. The Boostapal referral shopping programme:
    Companies want you to tell your friends, family, and followers about their websites, and they’ll pay you for referring them, provided that you are a teen and older. By endorsing products or making purchases you already like, you may get extra money using a referral shopping service like Boostapal.
  2. Blogging (Bluehost, WordPress):
    Blogging is another option for younger kids who are wondering how to generate money online before the age of 18. Any adolescent can earn money from ads and affiliate marketing as their following increases, even though starting a blog takes time. Children can create their own blogs or start posting to open blogs. WordPress and Bluehost are the two most widely used blogging platforms.
  1. Utilising to test websites:
    Tech-savvy teenagers who test websites can potentially earn money online. Before and after they go live, test mobile apps and keep an eye out for frequent website issues. To get started, visit
  2. A virtual helper:
    If your child can manage emails, make appointments, and prepare documents, they might be a good choice for a virtual assistant position. Although the duties and compensation of virtual assistants might vary greatly, many businesses and professionals still use VAs. Consult nearby small firms or look through credible websites that post job openings.
  1. Use Uber Eats, Doordash, or Instacart to deliver groceries and food:
    More often than not, food and groceries are delivered straight to your door. Your kid can work from their phone and use their newly acquired licence to earn money by utilising one of the many organisations that offer delivery services. Verify the businesses that are active in your neighbourhood and that your adolescent satisfies any prerequisites.
  2. Podcasting: Do you have a resident radio personality? Maybe now is the right time to give them a microphone so they can launch their own podcast. Kids can make money talking about subjects they’re passionate about by podcasting, which can become a lucrative enterprise thanks to sponsors and advertisements.
  1. Sign up with to act in voiceovers:
    In addition to podcasting, young people with good speech quality can be paid to perform voiceovers. A voiceover actor may be heard on radio, TV, or in web videos. Your adolescent can begin a side project or career as a voiceover actress with
  2. Complete arbitrary tasks using MTurk and Task Rabbit:
    Teenagers are paid by companies like MTurk, sometimes known as Amazon Mechanical Turk, to perform basic internet activities for companies. Even if their jobs might not be very thrilling or well-paying, teenagers can nonetheless easily earn some additional cash on the side. Teens can get paid to complete jobs for locals on TaskRabbit and other websites. Work may be done in person or online, for example, data entry.
  1. Exercise for pay (Sweatcoin):
    Get your adolescent to enjoy working out by offering to pay them for it. Businesses such as Sweatcoin will compensate consumers for exercising or walking steps all day long. Sweatcoins are tokens that users earn and can exchange for Paypal cash, gift cards, or product offers. Additionally, you are able to give your sweatcoins to various charitable causes.

In conclusion, exploring avenues to earn money online as a teenager presents a valuable opportunity for personal growth, financial independence, and skill development. By leveraging digital platforms and honing in on interests and talents, teenagers can embark on ventures such as freelancing, content creation, online tutoring, or e-commerce. However, it’s crucial to approach these endeavors with responsibility, time management, and a willingness to learn. While the online landscape offers abundant possibilities, success often requires patience, persistence, and adaptability to navigate challenges. Ultimately, by embracing creativity, determination, and ethical practices, teenagers can not only generate income but also cultivate valuable experiences that can shape their future endeavors.

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