What are the best paying jobs in consumer services

If you’re looking for a job in consumer services, these are the roles you should hunt for! Rank among the top 10 in this industry to earn a top salary.

Are you an excellent communicator? If yes, you might want to consider working in the consumer services sector.

Nearly every industry—including computer technology, retail, and health care—offers customer service positions. These positions support companies in providing for their clients and figuring out how to raise client satisfaction levels all around.

In addition to being very accessible and lucrative, this industry offers several chances for professional development and improvement. You may be curious about the highest paying positions in consumer services, though.

The top ten full-time positions in the consumer services sector, together with their yearly compensation and educational requirements, are examined in this article.


Annual average income for a receptionist: $47,431

You serve as the initial point of contact for clients or guests at your place of employment as a receptionist.

This position could involve:

  • extending a cordial welcome to guests
  • directing guests to the appropriate division or individual
  • taking calls and directing them to the appropriate location
  • Making an appointment
  • updating records with data
  • Taking care of administrative duties
  • taking in, organizing, and distributing mail at work

While the level of education and experience needed for this position may vary, most entry-level positions only require a high school degree. For this position, some employers can need a college degree in any field as well as appropriate job experience.

Excellent interpersonal, and customer service abilities, the capacity to multitask, familiarity with office supplies and basic computer software are requirements for a receptionist position.

2 A representative for member services

An average salary of $37,681 per year

Member services representative positions are available in a number of sectors, including technology, retail, healthcare, and finance. But what is involved in it?

Among the responsibilities of a member service representative are:

  • answering questions from clients by phone, email, or online chat
  • taking calls in a call center
  • supplying details and responding to inquiries regarding memberships and costs
  • Solving problems related to payments
  • recording questions and keeping track of memberships

Entry-level member service representative roles require a high school degree. Depending on the business, these jobs may also require expertise of financial services or health care. Candidates should possess strong communication skills, a problem-solving mindset, and a solid understanding of fundamental technologies.

3 The manager of client services

Annual pay average: $69,411

For customers of a company, a client services manager acts as their main point of contact. This position upholds positive relationships with both current and prospective clients.

Your responsibilities include:

  • Understanding the needs and goals of the customert
  • supplying customers with assistance and direction
  • Keeping up and managing relationships with clients
  • Onboarding of clients and gathering of feedback
  • contacting customers on a regular basis to inquire about their satisfaction with the goods or services received

Depending on the organization, applicants may need a bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline (such as business, marketing, or finance). Four to five years of experience in customer service or account management are often required for this position, making it non-entry level. Additionally, you should possess outstanding communication and problem-solving abilities.

4 Front desk manager

The average income for a front desk manager is $52,507 per year.

A front desk manager is in charge of the front desk employees and operations in a company, like a hotel, retail outlet, or medical center.

In this position, you’ll:

  • Control bookings or reservations
  • Organize with employees from other departments.
  • Handle consumer grievances and inquiries
  • Respond to incoming emails and phone calls.
  • Plan other employees’ shifts.

Strong leadership, and management abilities as well as a high school degree are typically required for entry-level front-desk manager positions. If you’re hired for this position, some employers might also prefer that you have previous experience in the customer service sector.

5 Desk analyst assistance

Average yearly salary: $48,771

A technical support representative or help desk analyst is an essential member of any organization’s information technology (IT) staff.

In this position, you’ll:

  • Offer technical support to end users who are experiencing issues with their systems.
  • Diagnose and fix software and hardware problems.
  • Handle technical problems by phone or email.
  • Maintain back-end systems on a regular basis.

A bachelor’s degree in a related subject, such as business administration, computer sciences, or IT, is required for this position. You must be well-versed in technology and possess excellent communication abilities. For entry-level positions, job experience might not be required, but it could make it simpler for someone with relevant expertise to advance to senior responsibilities and earn more money.

6 A flight attendant

Annual pay on average: $39,448

During air travel, flight attendants make ensuring that passengers are safe and comfortable.

This position entails:

  • welcoming travelers as they get on the plane
  • carrying out safety inspections both before and after every flight
  • assisting travelers in finding their seats
  • instructing travelers on emergency procedures
  • serving passengers on flights food and drinks
  • Answering questions from passengers while in flight

A high school degree is probably required for employment as a flight attendant. Nonetheless, some employers favor applicants who have a college degree in hospitality or a similar discipline.

Flight attendants receive in-depth training in flight protocols and procedures as soon as they are hired. A suitable candidate should have a pleasant, courteous manner, strong interpersonal skills, and the capacity to remain composed under pressure.

7 Coordinator of events

Average yearly salary: $47,052

An enormous portion of the hospitality sector consists of event planners. They organize and carry out a variety of events, including corporate gatherings, celebrations, and weddings.

This position’s responsibilities include:

  • Recognizing the requirements and preferences of clients
  • Locating and reserving appropriate locations
  • collaborating with several suppliers to plan and execute events
  • Controlling spending and deadlines
  • coordinating details such as entertainment, décor, and catering

To work in event planning, you require a bachelor’s degree in hospitality, event planning, or a similar discipline. You also require the capacity for multitasking, organizational abilities, and leadership.

If you don’t have any experience, you can still choose to apply for entry-level event planning jobs. As you gain experience, you can work your way up to senior event managing jobs.

8 The average annual compensation for a concierge is $35,370.

Although they can also be found in some upscale business buildings or residential complexes, concierge positions are typically found in the travel and tourism sector.

Depending on where you land a job, some of your duties might be:

  • welcoming clients as they come in
  • Making reservations at restaurants
  • Overseeing hotel guest arrivals and departures
  • arranging for hotel visitors’ transportation
  • recommending to visitors the sights and activities in the area

Candidates for concierge positions must have a high school degree, although some employers could demand a college degree in hospitality or a similar discipline. Along with these qualities, you should be exceptionally organized, detail-oriented, and skilled in communicating. Being acquainted with the surroundings is an extra benefit.

For this role, no prior experience is required. As you gain experience, you can be promoted to manager of a hotel or guest services.

9 Restaurant manager

The average yearly income for a restaurant manager is $50,120.

Managers of restaurants supervise their day-to-day operations.

This can involve undertaking things such as:

  • supervising restaurant employees and guaranteeing top-notch customer service
  • Organizing staffing plans
  • Taking care of the restaurant’s money
  • Ensuring adherence to health and safety laws by the company
  • Keeping track of stock

A high school degree and training in food safety are prerequisites for employment as a restaurant manager. You should also have some expertise in management and leadership, as well as organizational, customer service, and financial literacy.

Typically, a senior position necessitates some previous restaurant job experience. Nonetheless, in the food service sector, entry-level jobs can act as stepping stones for career growth.

10 Retail store manager

The average yearly pay for a retail store manager is $75,039

A retail shop manager oversees the day-to-day management of a retail store, as the name would imply.

Typical job responsibilities are as follows:

  • hiring, educating, and supervising retail employees
  • Putting sales and marketing plans into practice
  • assisting clients and responding to inquiries
  • Keeping an eye on inventory and tracking revenue and sales
  • ensuring that the store abides by safety rules
  • resolving complaints from clients

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For this position, a bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, or a similar discipline might be required. You should also have strong communication skills and a history of management or leadership. But you might also start out in a retail position at entry level and work your way up with experience.

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